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Client Assessment

Yvonne will conduct a detailed initial consultation that will allow quality time in order to get to know the client and his or her specific needs. This enables Yvonne to establish problems, set goals that are relative to the client's aims and answer any questions the client may have. All consultations are strictly confidential and geared towards the client’s training aims.

After the consultation, Yvonne will design an exercise program specifically created to attain the individual’s needs. Examples of how Yvonne may aid a client include; creating a program aimed at correcting muscle imbalance and increasing stability around a joint; increasing fitness through control of body fat; aiding the rehabilitation of a previous injury, etc.

Yvonne’s inspirational one to one personal training is unique and has proven immensely successful by providing the motivation and enjoyment needed to succeed. Training sessions are always specifically tailored to the individual, ensuring clients never leave a session anything but satisfied with their performance. All who train with Yvonne Mason leave their session fulfilled.

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